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Bellingham Castle

We are delighted to share with you some of the images that we created for Bellingham Castle.

Bellingham Castle001.jpg

Bellingham Castle is a fairytale Irish Castle, steeped in history, set on beautiful picturesque grounds with fully refurbished luxurious interior.  With endless opportunities for photos, we spent two days at Bellingham Castle capturing the love and romance of a perfect wedding setting.

Working alongside a great team we explored the endless backdrops to capture magical images.

Creative Director - Paul McCormack, Outline Graphics
Styling - Elaine Hession, closer2fabulous
Makeup Artist - Deborah Leonard, closer2fabulous
Hair Stylist - Alison McCabe
Car - KPCD
Mens clothes - House of Frasier, Dundrum
Ladies clothing - Caiomhe Keane Designs  & Dirty Fabulous

Bellingham Castle002.jpg

Bellingham Castle003.jpg

Bellingham Castle004.jpg

Bellingham Castle005.jpg

Bellingham Castle006.jpg

Bellingham Castle007.jpg

Bellingham Castle008.jpg

Bellingham Castle009.jpg

Bellingham Castle010.jpg

Bellingham Castle011.jpg

Bellingham Castle012.jpg

Bellingham Castle013.jpg

Bellingham Castle014.jpg

Bellingham Castle015.jpg

Bellingham Castle016.jpg

Bellingham Castle017.jpg

Bellingham Castle018.jpg

Bellingham Castle019.jpg

Bellingham Castle020.jpg

Bellingham Castle021.jpg

Bellingham Castle022.jpg

Bellingham Castle023.jpg

Bellingham Castle024.jpg

Bellingham Castle025.jpg

Bellingham Castle026.jpg

Bellingham Castle027.jpg

Bellingham Castle028.jpg

Bellingham Castle029.jpg

Bellingham Castle030.jpg

Bellingham Castle031.jpg

Bellingham Castle032.jpg

Bellingham Castle033.jpg

Bellingham Castle034.jpg

Bellingham Castle035.jpg

Bellingham Castle036.jpg

Bellingham Castle037.jpg

Bellingham Castle038.jpg

Bellingham Castle039.jpg

Bellingham Castle040.jpg

Bellingham Castle041.jpg

Bellingham Castle042.jpg

Bellingham Castle043.jpg

Bellingham Castle044.jpg

Bellingham Castle045.jpg

Bellingham Castle046.jpg

Bellingham Castle047.jpg

Bellingham Castle048.jpg

Bellingham Castle049.jpg

Bellingham Castle050.jpg

Bellingham Castle051.jpg

Bellingham Castle052.jpg

Bellingham Castle053.jpg

Bellingham Castle054.jpg

Bellingham Castle055.jpg

Bellingham Castle056.jpg

Bellingham Castle057.jpg

Bellingham Castle058.jpg

Bellingham Castle059.jpg

Bellingham Castle060.jpg

Bellingham Castle061.jpg

Bellingham Castle062.jpg

Bellingham Castle063.jpg

Bellingham Castle064.jpg

Bellingham Castle065.jpg

Bellingham Castle066.jpg

Bellingham Castle067.jpg

Bellingham Castle068.jpg

Bellingham Castle069.jpg

Bellingham Castle070.jpg

Bellingham Castle071.jpg

Bellingham Castle072.jpg

Bellingham Castle073.jpg

Bellingham Castle074.jpg

Bellingham Castle075.jpg

Bellingham Castle076.jpg

Bellingham Castle077.jpg

Bellingham Castle078.jpg

Bellingham Castle079.jpg

Bellingham Castle080.jpg

Bellingham Castle081.jpg

Bellingham Castle082.jpg

Bellingham Castle083.jpg

Bellingham Castle084.jpg

Bellingham Castle087.jpg

Bellingham Castle088.jpg

Bellingham Castle089.jpg

Bellingham Castle090.jpg

Bellingham Castle091.jpg

Bellingham Castle092.jpg

Bellingham Castle093.jpg

Bellingham Castle094.jpg

Bellingham Castle095.jpg

Bellingham Castle096.jpg

Bellingham Castle097.jpg

Bellingham Castle098.jpg

Bellingham Castle099.jpg

Bellingham Castle100.jpg

Bellingham Castle101.jpg

Bellingham Castle102.jpg

Bellingham Castle103.jpg

Bellingham Castle104.jpg

Bellingham Castle105.jpg

Bellingham Castle106.jpg

Bellingham Castle107.jpg

Bellingham Castle108.jpg

Bellingham Castle109.jpg

Bellingham Castle110.jpg

Bellingham Castle111.jpg

Bellingham Castle112.jpg

Bellingham Castle113.jpg

Bellingham Castle114.jpg

Bellingham Castle115.jpg

Bellingham Castle116.jpg

Bellingham Castle117.jpg

Bellingham Castle118.jpg

Bellingham Castle119.jpg

Bellingham Castle120.jpg

Bellingham Castle121.jpg

Bellingham Castle122.jpg

Bellingham Castle123.jpg

Bellingham Castle124.jpg

Bellingham Castle125.jpg

Bellingham Castle126.jpg

Bellingham Castle127.jpg

Bellingham Castle128.jpg

Bellingham Castle129.jpg


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